Economy box 1

Economy box 2

Plain box 1.  

Plain box 2.

PLAIN BOX covers have seams as shown (in black), but no piping. Smaller cushions are more likely to be like 1., Larger ones like 2. You can specify if you would like your small cushion to be like no. 2., but you can’t have your large cushion like drawing 1., the fabric width won’t allow it!

Any of our fillings can be used for box cushions, but not all our fillings can be used in pillow edged cushions!

Piped box

PIPED BOX covers will have a row of piping  top and bottom. Piping will normally be covered in a bias strip from the main fabric of your cushion, but you can choose a contrast fabric, if you like. This may be a little more expensive, unless we have a remnant of your contrast which we can let you have free of charge!

“Box” cushions are not necessarily rectangular, they can be “L” or “T” or horseshoe shaped — it just means that they have a distinct thickness at the edge, unlike a pillow style cushion which tapers to nothing at the edge.

ECONOMY BOX covers are super simple with a single seam at the sides and a short vertical seam at the corners to accommodate the thickness of the   filling. Large ones of these may have to have a seam across the front as well - Fig. 2.

Economy boxes are good for outdoors. Fewer seams mean fewer places for water to be able to seep in!


PIPED PILLOWS are exactly as their name implies, simply two rectangles sewn together like a pillow case or scatter cushion cover, with piped seams.

PLAIN PILLOW - as above, but no piping.

Please note - you can’t put a box shaped cushion in a pillow edged cover, so pillow covers  are not suitable for traditional sofa or arm chair seat or back cushions. Go for “economy boxes” for these if budget is a major priority!

Plain pillow

Piped pillow

Not all fillings are suitable for pillow edged cushions, blocks of foam definitely don’t work, you end up with an ugly empty ear at each corner of your cover!

Stick with fibre, feather fibre mix, Supafeather & Supafibre and all should be well.

Let us know if your fibre or feather/fibre cushion is for a scatter back sofa, we can do them with channels inside which stop the filling moving, and allows us to fill the cushion more firmly.