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By Marine and Contract Furnishings Ltd.( )

 We supply all shapes and sizes of sofa , chair and bench cushions, sofa bed mattresses, pillows and scatter cushions in foam,feather and fibre, and mixed fillings.

 We believe that replacement sofa cushions and mattresses should be more than just foam-cut-to-size.

Whether for sofas,sofa beds,window seats,garden furniture,

caravans or boats, a choice of fillings,some of them combinations mainly used only by manufacturers of new furniture,can offer far better comfort and good looks for your new cushions.We provide what,we hope,is an easy to understand guide to what’s on offer,and what will give the best results for your individual requirements,from allergies and back pain to z-bed mattresses.

                        We welcomes customers in person, as well as by phone or on-line, and we’re always happy to spend a little time giving info. and advice.


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